Q & A on Product Development

Your Questions & Answers

1. How much will it cost me to design, develop and manufacture my product idea?

Every idea is unique and therefore there is no set cost involved. There is NO initial cost to speak to our friendly and experienced team. Once your idea is documented and is confidentiality established, we will discuss the costs associated with your idea and provide you with a quote.

2. Is My idea safe with you?

We are as concerned as you are about your idea, which is why one of the first documents you will receive from us is a Confidentiality Agreement. This will allow you to record your idea and claim ownership to it. We will only discuss your idea with you after the document is signed by both parties or initialled online. We consider confidentiality a top priority when working with our clients.

3. Do I need a patent?

Please refer to the link to Ip Australia.

4. How can B&C Plastics help me?

The B&C Plastics team has had years of experience in product development, helping people establish and create their ideas, eventually turning them into a reality. B&C Plastics can provide its services for very small product development projects all the way through to very large product development manufacturing projects.

5. Can I tell people about my idea?

We would suggest that you do not publicly disclose your invention/idea to anyone (not even a friend or a family member), unless you have confidentiality documents in place to verify that you are the originator of the idea. This is simply a safeguard to ensure that your idea remains yours.

6. What is the largest product you can manufacture?

This ultimately depends on the product design, the type of Material and manufacturing processes required for your product idea. For example: an would be up to 5kg in Injection Moulding, 30Kg in Cast Aluminium and ???? for Rotational Moulding.

7, What is the smallest product you can manufacture?

As aforementioned with the largest product that we can manufacture, this ultimately depends on the product design, the type of material and the manufacturing process required, For example we can produce a component as small as 1 gram in weight.

8. What type of raw materials have you had experience with?

There are so many materials to choose from and each material has it merits suited to the end users requirements. There are Metals, Commodity Polymers and Engineering polymers. Between our two directors alone, we have almost 50 years in experience with raw materials, design and manufacturing. It’s safe to say you’ll be in the hands of a very experienced team!

9. Can you help with material selection?

With over 75, 000 grades of raw material available today, you could not be expected to choose your own material alone. We want the best for our customers and are more than happy to help you choose your materials. By accessing specialised technical information from a range of suppliers, there will definitely be a plastic to suit your component.

10. Can you use recycled plastic?

Dependant on your product and the material best suited to it, recycled plastic may definitely be used. Using recycled plastic in a product would also depend on the end users requirements however, it is definitely an option that may be discussed.

11. What is the average Project time to see Off Tool Samples?

the average project time to see off tool samples is usually 6 to 8 weeks, after the design for your product idea has been approved.

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