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Whatever your product Idea is we will have a solution or know someone that has…. B&C Plastics, Rogers industries and Global Tanks have a track record of taking customer concepts and product ideas and turning them into a reality.

Product Design and Development

This phase is where your ideas come to life and start the journey to becoming reality through our huge range of services.

Concept development

Whether you need us to create an initial concept design or refine existing ideas, we understand the importance of the concept phase which is why we make sure we are with you every step of the way. Our team can assist with concept development, Brainstorming, project planning and risk analysis to ensure that all factors are considered for a successful end result.

2D and 3D concept sketches

We will also draft both 2D and 3D sketches to provide you with a complete understanding of the look and feel of your concept using the latest modelling software to provide you with a completely rendered image to aid in the all-important design process.

Rapid Product Prototyping

Once the computer generated 3d model has been finalised and approved, our experienced manufacturers will advise on the correct prototyping method for your intended application.

Rapid Prototyping

At Xfactor Ideas we employ the latest in rapid prototyping techniques. Using 3D modelling software, we implement a range of techniques to ‘build’ a prototype.   Then through the creation of successive horizontal cross sections that are layered until the prototype is complete.

Our range of rapid prototyping options include:

  • Stereo lithography
  • Selective Laser Sintering
  • CNC/Machining (3 and 5 axis)
  • RTV (room temperature vulcanisation or silicone rubber moulding) /Machining
  • Soft tooling
  • Mould Design & Mould Making for your new Product Plastic and Cast Aluminium
  • Low Volume Production

Mould Design –

In this stage we take the 3d computer generated model and design the injection mould tool, again using the latest solidsworks software.

Mould Manufacture

Using the latest CNC machining centres, EDM machines and a range of Manual machine, we manufacture your precision injection mould tool, exactly to the 3D design. The moulds are assembled and finished by hand by our expert toolmakers. Continual maintenance is performed to ensure that your plastic products are perfect every time, whether it is the first manufacturing run or your thousandth.

Plastic injection moulding –

Xfactor Ideas have industry leading knowledge of injection plastic moulding, process control and polymer selection. Our range of leading injection moulding machines with clamp force tonnage ranging from 25 to 1000 tonnes, this means we can handle the production of plastic components from 1 gram right up to 5kg in weight….

Aluminium Die Casting –

At Rogers Industries we produce an extensive range of aluminium castings. We specialise in two different methods of production to manufacture products to a very high standard and quality. The gravity die casting method utilises various machines including horizontal, vertical and tilt pour and can produce castings which can each weigh as much as 30kgs, and can be produced from small quantities up to runs in excess of 30,000. Alternatively, our low pressure die casting method is capable of production runs up to 100,000 in number, with a component weight of up to 12kg.

We consistently manufacture quality products with our low pressure machinery being PLC controlled. In addition, the electric furnaces (which are used for controlled melting of aluminium) maintain accurate temperatures throughout the production runs. Our production facility also has a laboratory which is fitted out with a spectrograph which allows us to continually monitor the specifications of the many different aluminium grades available

We can cast quantities from 50 to infinity, whatever your requirements are. Small, medium and large..

Ultrasonic Welding –

We also use ultrasonic welding techniques to join the plastic parts as an alternative to glueing or screwing parts together, particularly useful for achieving a hermetic seal or tamper proof enclosures. Ultrasonic welding is a process whereby high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are locally applied to work pieces, being held together under pressure to create a solid state weld.

QA Product Testing and Production

The final stage of the Xfactor Ideas process where your product is mass produced, the finished injection mould tools are tested and samples are produced. Once these parts have been tested and approved, they will go into production.

Component approval and manufacture –

At Xfactor Ideas we have industry leading knowledge of plastic injection moulding, process control and polymer selection for our testing and production. Our range of leading injection moulding machines, with clamp force tonnage ranging from 25 to 370 tonnes means that we can mould components from 1 gram up to 1.2 kg in weight. Once the injection mould tool is manufactured, the product is trialled and tested to ensure the product is functioning correctly before rigorous strength and durability tests. Once the product has passed all necessary testing and is client approved, it will be ready for full injection plastic moulding production.

Assembly, labelling and packaging (if required) –

We understand that the job isn’t complete as soon as the products roll off the production line which is why we provide a total assembly, labelling and packaging option to our clients. With a wide range of options available, just contact us to find out more about how we can assist you after manufacturing is complete.

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